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时间: 2021/05/11

讲座题目:Do Lookers-on See Most of the Game? Belief Dynamics and Decision-Making for Oneself versus for Others in a Labor Market Experiment

摘要:The mismatch between job-seekers and positions in the search process and its impact on market efficiency are of particular interest to labor economists and policy makers. We design a laboratory experiment exploring the dynamics of decision makers job-seeking strategies and belief updating in a labor market. We examine factors affecting the matching efficiency from behavioral economic perspectives such as self-assessment, cognitive bias and decision errors, and evaluate whether the “decision-making by agency” mode of labor-market intermediary could weaken such influence and improve the market efficiency. Our results show that the efficiency of “decision-making by agency” is generally not better than that of decision-making by oneself. The loss of efficiency is mainly due to the agency’s biased assessment and decision-making errors on the top-tier and bottom-tier job-seekers in the market, and the biases and errors do not disappear with feedback information or decision repetition. Meanwhile, the results of structural model estimate show that both job seekers and agencies generally exhibit attribution bias in belief updating. Agencies are more risk-averse in decision-making, while it does not reduce decision errors. Our findings may shed light on labor market policy design aiming at promoting stable employment and improving the functioning of market intermediaries.

主讲人:王云 教授(中国人民大学



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主持人:翁茜 副教授



王云,2008年获北京大学经济学学士学位,2013年获美国匹兹堡大学经济学博士学位。曾任厦门大学王亚南经济研究院助理教授,现任中国人民大学经济学院副教授。主要研究方向为微观经济理论,兼顾经济学实验方法,涉及信息经济学、信息设计、个人信念与合作行为等研究话题,同时通过经济学实验的方法,关注理论在现实微观市场中的应用。论文发表在Journal of Economic Theory, China Economic Review, 《中国人民大学学报》等多个国际国内高水平学术刊物上,担任Games and Economic Review, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, China Economic Review, 《管理科学学报》等多个国内外期刊匿名审稿人,著有《信念、偏好与合作行为:基于博弈论和行为经济学的视角》一书。

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