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School of Labour and Human Resources at Renmin University of China, founded in 1983, has grown to become a foremost teaching and research institute in China, accompanied by the deepening of China's economic reform as well as the continuous amelioration of labour market. Through a series of research, teaching and social services activities, our school undertakes the lofty mission to create innovative knowledge for China¡¯s ...
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Sun Jianmin Professor

    Sun Jianmin, Professor, PhD Supervisor, Department of Human Resources Management, School of Labor and Human Resources. Part-time Director of Human Resources Development and Assessment Center. Executive Deputy Director of Leadership Research Centre, Renmin University of China .Director of Chinese Social Psychological Society. President of Beijing Behavioral Science Society.Vice President of Beijing Social Psychological Society. Member of International Applied Psychological Society (IAAP), International test Institute (ITC), Chinese Management Research International Institute (IACMR), American Management Institute (AOM), U.S. industrial and organizational psychology Council (SIOP), American Personality and Social Psychological Association (SPSP) and Asia Management Society (AAOM). Visiting Professor of U.S. State University of New York at Buffalo, University of Western Kentucky. Adjunct Professor of Business schools in many domestic universities.
    Professor Sun Jianmin actively takes part in community services while completing the task of teaching and research, including providing the government and enterprises with management consulting and training, and working as a senior management consultant for many government and enterprises.
    He has provided management consulting and training for China Mobile, China Telecom Group, Shenzhen Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., TCL Group, Tianjin China-US, GlaxoSmithKline, Samsung (China), China Merchants Bank, China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Qingdao Yizhong Group, Jiangsu Shuangliang Group, Zhujiang Beer Group, etc.
Research Field

    1¡¢High-performance human resources management system and functioning mechanism of organizational performance
    2¡¢Personal characteristics of employees (Personality, ability, competency, creativity, attitudes), as well as measurement and evaluation of the content, structure, relationships of organizational performance and organizational behavior
    3¡¢Concept, measurement and analysis of Human capital, psychological capital and social capital
    4¡¢Leadership styles and effectiveness
    5¡¢Theory and Technology of Assessment

    Undergraduate: organizational behavior, human resources management, management skills development, professional foreign language
    Master students: organizational behavior, personnel theory and method of evaluation, research design and data analysis, human resource management (EMBA)
    Doctoral students: Organizational Behavior Research£¬Human resource management research topics, study design and data analysis
Education and Work Experience

    1961, 11, born in Shandong.
    1982, graduated from the Shandong Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science degree.
    1994, graduated from Beijing Normal University, Ph.D.
    Since August 1994 working in school of labor and human resources, Served successively as Head of the Department of Human Resources Management, Vice President of the School.
    1998.8-1998.12, Carnegie - Carnegie Mellon University Visiting Scholar, Institute of Public Administration
    1999.8-2000.7, McMaster University Business School visiting scholar
    2007.8-2008.8, School of Business, University of Florida, senior visiting scholar (Fulbright)
Journal Articles

    1.Sun, Jian-Min, Wang, Biying (2009), Servant leadership in China: Conceptualization and measurement. In W. Mobley (Ed). Advances in Global Leadership, UK: Emerald Group Publishing.
    2. Sun, Jian-Min, Wang, Hua (2009), Organizational identification in China: Clarification and validation of a measure. Proceedings of Academy of Management Annual Meeting.
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    5.Sun Jianmin , Jiang Kaifeng (2009),An Exploratory Study on the Construct of Organizational Identification under Chinese Context. Sociological Studies, No. 1.
    6.SUN Jian-min; Zhang Ming-rui, The moderating effect of ownership in the relationship between HPWS and employee satisfaction, Economic Theory and Business Management, No. 10
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    8. SUN Jian-min, Influencing factors for the creative tendency of Chinese scientists, Economic Management Journal, 2009,12.
    9.Sun Jianmin; Wang Biying (2009),A Research of New Comers ,Organizational Socialization Content in Stateowned Enterprises, Psychological Exploration, Vol.29, No. 1.
    10. KE Jiang-Lin; SUN Jian-Min; LI Yong-Rui;(2009), Psychological Capital:Chinese Indigenous Scale s Development and Its Validity Comparison with the Western Scale, Acta Psychologica Sinica,No.9
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    12. LI Yuan & SUN Jian-min, The psychological contract in employment relations: under dual visual angles of Organizations and employees to study the cognitive differences of ¡°organization responsibility". Management World, 2006,11.

    1.Sun Jianmin (main editor) (2009), "Human resources management", Science Press
    2.Sun Jianmin,(editor) (2007), "personnel evaluation theory and technology", Hunan Normal University Press
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    9. Sun Jianmin, Li Yuan, Huang Xiaoyong (Translators) (2009), ¡°the history of management thoughts¡±, Renmin University of China Press
    10. Sun Jianmin (main translator) (2008), Management (9th Edition), Renmin University of China Press
Research Project

    National Natural Science Foundation of China (2007-2010): Mechanism of Human Resource Management in the performance of Individual creativity to organizational innovation
    State Social Science Fund (2008-2010): China's domestic capital scale of psychological development and its application
    Key Issues of Beijing Municipal Education Planning (2009): Entrepreneurial motivation of college students in Beijing and Entrepreneurial Talents Training Strategy
    Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission issues (2009-2010): Beijing Human Resources Development Strategy during the period of ¡°12th Five-Year ¡°
    Brand Research Project of Renmin University of China (2010-2012):the design and follow-up study of employees working pressure index and subjective well-being
    World Bank Loan Project (2006-2010): The management skills development of Chief Financial Officers
Academic Exchange

    Member of SHL (UK) Group Scientific Advisory Board (2008-2011)
    Members of the international academic journals: Academy of Management Learning and Education; Journal of Business and Psychology; Management Learning.
    Prof. Sun has been in the following University for further educations, visits, lectures and study, including Harvard University, Carnegie - Mellon University, Cornell University, the University of Illinois (UIUC), Ohio State University, University of Florida, University of Minnesota, Stanford University, university of California - Berkeley, University of California- Los Angeles, San Jose State University, University of Colorado, University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of Western Ontario, University of Cambridge, University of London, University of Cologne, Giessen University, INSEAD Business School( France), Denmark University of Education, Australian National University, New South University of Wales, Macquarie University, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Baptist University, etc.
    Prof. Sun is currently doing collaborative research with a number of scholars from following countries and areas, including U.S., UK, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

    Outstanding Teaching Award of Renmin University of China (2004,2005),
    First Prize of Beijing Excellent Teaching Achievement (Higher Education) (2005,2009),
    Award for Outstanding Teaching Materials of China Labor Association (2005)
    Award for Outstanding Paper of Beijing Institute of Behavioral Science(2006,2007)
    Award for Outstanding Paper of China Management Institute (2009),
    Award for Outstanding Paper of Academy of Management (AOM) (2009).

    Office Tel.: 010-62513833
    E-mail: chinajms@126.com
    Room 232, QiuShi Building, No.59, Zhongguancun Street

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