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China Employment Research Institute successfully holds the 2014 China Quarterly analysis of employment (2nd quarter)

On July 11, 2014, China Institute for Employment Research has successfully held the employment analysis meeting for the second quarter of 2014 at Room 347 in the Qiushi of Renmin University. Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Employment Promotion Division at National Human Resources and Social Security, Zhang Zhibin, deputy director of National Bureau of Population and Employment Statistics Division and Guan Bo, the Special Representative of Hood Qiao, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Employment and Income Distribution Division, Cai Shize, Li Tingru from industrial and Information Technology Department personnel exchange center and Lin Min, director of Human Resources Development Co., Ltd. Office from Suzhou Industrial Park development have been invited to attend the meeting. Dean & Prof. Zeng Xiangquan, Associate prof. Ding Dajian and other researchers from China Employment Research Institute attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Professor Tang Kuang, secretary of the Party committee of the School of Labor and Human Resources.
First of all, China Employment Research Institute researcher Ding Dajian made a presentation entitled "analysis of the employment situation in second quarter of 2014: Based on the network data of the Zhilian.com and market data of the Suzhou Industrial Park ".He firstly reviewed the employment situation in the first quarter of 2014, generalized the network recruitment data and then made an in-depth analysis of the employment situation, reasons for CIER index change, the industry occupation employment situation, regional (large and medium-sized city) employment situation, employment situation of enterprises of different types and different scale. That change in CIER index in the second quarter of 2014 showed the following characteristics: (1) CIER quarterly index seasonal decline is steady and the employment situation is stable. The long term trend of the index tends to the bottom; (2) The drop of the recruitment demand fluctuations different from previous years and reflects the fluctuation and stabilization of economic situation; (3) the difference of the internal competition between industries and occupation in this quarter has narrowed but institutional factors also work; (4) the differences about employment competition between cities and region narrows, East and West tend to balance and pressure of first-line and second-line city employment turns upside down; (5) the different type of enterprise employment competition has reflected the pursuit of stability of job seekers.
Subsequently, Director Lin Min made a keynote report entitled "report on the situation of human resources in Suzhou Industrial Park in second quarter of 2014 ".He first analyzed index of the human resource and its features in the park in the second quarter of 2014 and found:(1) at the second quarter, the human resources demand index is 3721% with a little increase compared with the previous quarter and has increased 625% compared with the same period last year. The rising demand of enterprise shows optimism about the economic expectations; (2) the supply index of the second quarter of 2014 is 549% with a decrease of 191% compared to the same period last year. There may be some recruitment difficulty for companies with large demand; (3) the overall demand of the enterprise within the area in the second quarter of 2014 has increased a bit while the number of job seekers showed a decreasing trend compared with the same period last year;(4) the total matching index in the park is 149%, with a chain relative ratio of 247%. Compared with the 241% of same period last year, it has dropped respectively 98% and 92% .He then has carried on analysis employment characteristics of human resources and college graduates in the park market and found:(1) Recruitment in finance, IT/ Internet and bio pharmaceutical industry enterprise has increased while decreased in the real estate industry ;(2) private enterprises have a strong need and state-owned enterprises¡¯ demand has weakened; (3) the labor cost has a limit rise in 2014 and salary adjustment ratio drops compared to the same period; (4)Provisional Rules of Labor Dispatch has been implemented and dispatched staff turnover rate increased; (5) with the arrival of the graduation season, biomedicine, nami, cloud computing and other high-tech enterprises showed strong ability to absorb graduates in the second quarter of this year, showing the increasing ability of transformation and upgrading of the enterprises in the park. In the end, he made a forecast of human resources situation: the third quarter of 2014 in Suzhou Industrial Park, the recruitment plan of all enterprises have a certain increase compared to the same period, indicating that the economic recovery has stabilized and enterprises¡¯ confidence in the market.
China Employment Research Institute associate researcher Dr. Yang Yumei made a presentation entitled "analysis of job search intensity-based on the preliminary conclusion of micro data¡±. Through analysis of 67196 data samples, She measured job seekers by resume delivery times and found:(1) job search intensity is relatively large in the second and the fourth quarter and is slowest in the third quarter ; (2) in the fourth quarter and first quarter, more young people are looking for job (it may be due to more graduates start seeking jobs), and people with working experience began looking for the new job opportunities in the third quarter at the end of this year and the beginning of next year; (3) job search intensity has been largely affected by individual characteristics and job characteristics: education background of job seekers, occupation, the current working state and intensity of search of job in the region. Job seeker¡¯s graduating school, its job region and salary has little influence and job seekers gender have no significant effect.
Dr. Geng Lin, associate researcher of China Employment Research Institute, made a keynote report entitled "the strategic concept of" development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration and talent development. The report first described the background of the integration of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei becoming national strategy, ongoing top design and cooperative policy, and clarified several questions the integration development has met. The conceptions were: (1) in the promotion of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei integration process, the central government should play the role of management ,consider the overall management of financial allocations in three places and support the implementation of the relevant incentive policies to promote flow of talents; (2) In the context of Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei integration strategy, human resources and social security department should lead the establishment of demonstration plot of talents integration , including set up coordination mechanism for three personnel, the establishment of Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration talent demonstration areas; (3) Integration demonstration area of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei should establish and perfect the modern human resources management system and promote the establishment of attracting ,flowing, evaluation, incentive and appraisal system ;(4) Hebei province should consider establishing incentive fund to attract talents from Beijing and Tianjin. It can be jointly funded by the central and local governments; (5) Integrate various resources and establish "Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei Integrated Talent Collaborative Innovation Institute",, providing a long-term stable platform of the study of the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei integration talent development strategy. Relying on this platform, we can make long-term and in-depth research of the talent development strategy of Beijing Tianjin Hebei long-term and depth, organize regular seminars and regularly publish reports. At the same time, Dr. Geng Lin reviews the national macroeconomic situation of the second quarter of 2014, analyzed monthly CIER index and quarterly index trend and cycle and makes a prediction of CIER index based on analysis of the labor market (2008 July to 2014 July)":(1) from the long-term trend of CIER, partial CIER index trend in 2014 will continue to decline, but the rate of decline gradually slowed. The long-term downward trend reflects the long-term characteristics of the labor market; (2) since the first quarter of 2014 macroeconomic trend is weak, the beginning of the second quarter shows signs of warmer, so the periodic sub-item of the CIER index in the first quarter has increased slightly and decreased slightly in the second quarter; (3) The trend of the CIER index in July, 2014 shows seasonal features when compared with that in than in September, namely slight increase in July and continuous decline in the next two months.
Then, in the expert comments and free speech stage, Zhang Ying, deputy director and Zhang Zhibin, vice director positively estimated the seminar results and had candid and in-depth exchanges with present leaders and experts about the new policy and new spirit of the CPC Central Committee and State Council with relevant information they know
At the end of the conference, President Zeng Xiangquan summarized the seminar. He thought employment situation in China has undergone great changes over the past four years and quarter analysis of employment should focus on micro data and establish long-term observation index of employment situation, so as to strengthen the analysis and estimate the long-term employment situation. Finally, he appreciated the government, enterprises and academic community for the care and support and hoped we can strengthen cross-border exchange and became a think tank for employment decision making department.

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