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School of Labour and Human Resources at Renmin University of China, founded in 1983, has grown to become a foremost teaching and research institute in China, accompanied by the deepening of China's economic reform as well as the continuous amelioration of labour market. Through a series of research, teaching and social services activities, our school undertakes the lofty mission to create innovative knowledge for China¡¯s ...
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The First "International Conference on Human Resource Management" is held

The First "International Conference of Human Resource Management" was held on 2014 June 15 to 16 in Beijing friendship Hotel, which  jointly organized by American Academy of Management HR Division, the School of Labor and Human Resources of Renmin University of China, the International Journal of Human Resource Management. From 17 countries and regions (including, Thailand, India, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Tunisia, Botswana, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Israel, China, etc.), more than 200 scholars brought together and conducted a comprehensive in-depth academic exchanges through keynote speeches, group reports, workshops, etc. around the topic of "human resource management integration and distinction: the dual perspective of theory and practice". This is the first time that the United States Conference of Human Resource Management Branch of the Academy of Management organized separately international academic conferences outside the United States. The American Management Association also represented at this unprecedented academic event. Co-Chairmen of Organizing Committee of the Congress are the University of Haifa in Israel, Professor Michal Biron, the University of Texas at Arlington, USA Professor Wendy Casper, and the School of labor and Human Resources of Renmin University of China, Professor Sun Jianmin.
The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Sun Jianmin on June 15, 2014. Professor Sun extended our warm greetings to the scholars, briefly introduced the preparatory process and the purpose of the general meeting of the international conference, and expected this to be an important platform for the exchange of academic ideas among Chinese and western scholars in human resource management areas.
Professor Zeng Xiangquan, Dean of the School of Labor and Human Resources, Renmin University of China attended the opening ceremony.
Zeng Xiang Quan extended our warm greetings to the scholars and congratulated on the successful opening of the conference.
Dean Zeng Xiang Quan pointed out that the national human resource management in different countries was influenced by the stage of economic development, political system and cultural factors. It has very highly theoretical and practical significance to explore new issues in human resources management areas and form a new theoretical model.
Dean Zeng Xiang Quan also introduced to the guests the development process of the School of Labor and Human Resources of Renmin University of China as well as its important contribution in the areas of Labor Economics, social security, labor relations, human resource management and the career of development and management, and looked forward to the researchers around the world continuing to strengthen academic exchanges with us.
Professor David Allen, American Academy of Management Human Resource Management Chapter President, reported on behalf of the Institute. He expressed a desire and confidence to learn internationally, encouraging scholars from different countries and regions to study human resource management by multi-angle and multi-dimensional study. He stressed that this meeting is the first international conference that was held outside the United States and received strong support from Renmin University of China. He expressed his thanks.
This conference has invited four outstanding management researchers delivering speeches.
Kwok Leung, professor of City University of Hong Kong gave a lecture of "Contingent punishment as a double-edged sword", and illustrated the punitive measures under what circumstances was the most effective in organization from the perspective of organizational behavior. David Lepak, professor of Rutgers University, gave a speech which entitled "Strategic HRM research: Progress and prospects", systematically combing the research progress of strategic human resource management, and proposing future research prospects. Pawan Budhwar, professor of Aston Business School in British, gave a speech entitled "Convergence-divergence of HRM and future research in Asia", comprehensively analyzing the integration of human resource management theory in cross-cultural backgrounds and stressing the importance of research in Asia issues. Anne Tsui, professor Arizona State University, gave a speech entitled "Socially responsible scholarship: Imperatives for HRM research", conducting a critical analysis of for the current management study and calling researchers to assume their social responsibility. Four speakers are the top scholars in their fields and their reports sparked strong resonance and lively discussion around the participant scholars.
This conference included four thematic groups, covering methodological issues (Research Methods in Human Resource Management) of human resource management, cross-cultural research questions (Opportunities for Cross-Cultural study on HRM: Comparison of Legal and Cultural Systems between the U.S. and China), future research questions (The Next Big Questions in Strategic HR ? Continuing to Expand the HR-Performance Research Agenda), as well as teaching problems (Bridging the Cultural Divide of Teaching and Learning) of human resource management.
20 group discussions and four poster links were also included, and researchers from around the world reported and exchanged the results of about more than 130 articles in academic research, involving the macro, meso and micro issues of human resource management and topics including organizational performance, leadership, organizational commitment, work-family balance, cross-cultural management, creativity and innovation. In accordance with customary international conference, this session held in June 14 at Renmin University of China Shaw seminar venue for doctoral students, aiming to interact with top researchers and enhance research literacy of young scholars. More than fifty doctoral students from various colleges and universities at home and abroad participated in the seminar.
Many well-known international human resource management scholars attended the meeting, including Ingrid Fulmer£¨Rutgers University, USA£©,John Delery£¨University of Arkansas, USA£©,Barry Gerhart£¨University of Wisconsin, USA£©,Riki Takeuchi(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong),Sumita Raghuram£¨Pennsylvania State University£©,Raghu Garud£¨Pennsylvania State University£©,Karin Sanders£¨Australian School of Business, UNSW£©,Julie Cogin£¨Australian School of Business, UNSW£©.Faculty and graduate students from Renmin University of China, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, Nanjing University, Zhongshan University, South China University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and other more than 30 universities participated in the meeting.
Kerui International Human Resources (Beijing) Ltd. and Beijing JieYizhibang Human Resource Consulting Ltd. provided support for the organization of the General Assembly.
Professor Zhou Wenxia , Vice Dean of the school of Labor and Human Resources of Renmin University of China, Professor Shi Wei, head of the Department of Human Resource Management, Professor Zhang Lihua, Professor Lin Xinqi, Professor Yi dinghong, associate professor Xu Shiyong, associate professor Liu Songbo, associate professor Su Zhongxing, associate professor Li Yuhui , associate professor Guan Yanjun, Dr. Wang Zhen, Dr. Luo Nanfeng etc. actively involved in the preparatory work for this international conference, and regarded this conference as an opportunity exchanging their research results with foreign scholars.
More than 30 student volunteers for the meeting from the School of Labor and Human Resources and the Department of Psychology offered a high quality service, and had been highly praised by the participants.

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