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School of Labour and Human Resources at Renmin University of China, founded in 1983, has grown to become a foremost teaching and research institute in China, accompanied by the deepening of China's economic reform as well as the continuous amelioration of labour market. Through a series of research, teaching and social services activities, our school undertakes the lofty mission to create innovative knowledge for China¡¯s ...
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The School of Labor and Human Resources (SLHR) was founded in 1983, jointly by Renmin University of China (RUC) and the Ministry of Labour and Personnel Affairs (predecessor of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security). It has been officially belonged to RUC since the year of 2000. The current dean is Professor yang Weiguo.
SLHR consists of 5 departments, Labor Economics, Labor and Employment Relations, Human Resources Management, Social Security, and Career Development and Management. SLHR has several research institutions involved in teaching and research that spans the broad range of work and employment disciplines, including China Employment Research Institute, Labor and Employment Relations Research Institute, Organizational Behaviors Research Institute, RUC Leadership Science Research Institute, China Social Security Research Institute, Human Resources Development and Assessment Centre, etc. There are 3 Bachelor degree programs, Labor and Social Security, Human Resources Management, and Labor and Employment Relations. SLHR offers graduate studies in 4 majors both at the Master and Doctoral levels: Labor Economics, Labor and Employment Relations, Human Resources Management and Social Security. Besides, there is an applied economics post-doctoral research centre. Among the above, Labor Economics is the key national main disciplines and Social Security is the key main disciplines at Beijing¡¯s level.
Currently SLHR has 20 professors, 18 associate professors, 20 part-time professors, and 8 retired-and-rehired professors. Among them there are 20 doctoral supervisors and 42 postgraduate supervisors. In addition, around 20 prestigious scholars from US, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan are appointed as SLHR¡¯s adjunct professors. In 2011, there are 955 full-time students studying in SLHR, including 615 undergraduate students, 253 MA students, 87 PHD candidates and 57 international students.
In 2011, SLHR started ¡°One Centre, Two Plans and Three Platforms¡± strategy (that is, the global talent training, academic research and decision making support centre for labor science in China; improvement plan for international publications by professors and doctoral candidates, 10-year cooperation plan for global labor science research; data platform, communication platform and simulated training platform), aimed to become a world-class labor science school.  So far, SLHR has achieved great progress in many aspects.
In 2011, SLHR has hosted or organized a series of high-level international conferences on campus: (1)Transformation and Challenges: China Employment Quarterly Analysis  and 2011 Labor Market Analysis and Prospects; (2)World Bank: Strategic Research for China Rural Labor Transfer Development; (3) Family and Labor Economics International Seminar by University of Chicago¨CRenmin University of China; (4)China Labor Market: Challenges and Solutions (3rd CIER/IZA Labor Economics Seminar); (5) Annual Seminar for Labor Science Education Branch of China Labor Society; (6)Labor Market Wages Surveying Seminar; (7)2012 China Human Resources New Year Symposium; (8)Hostility and Collaboration between Labor and Capital: Treatment and Regulation of Collective Labor Dispute.etc.
SLHR is vigorously promoting exchange and cooperation with foreign organizations. More and more professors go to other countries as visiting scholars, like US, Germany, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, North Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In the meantime, about 20 prestigious overseas scholars in the area of labor science and social security have visited SLHR. In 2011, SLHR visited School of Industrial Relations, University of Montreal, School of Public Policy and School of Business, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Kim Il-sung University, People¡¯s Economics University of North Korea, National University of Mongolia, as well as School of Social Science and Humanities, University of Macau, exploring the opportunity of cooperation.
In 2011, SLHR carried out 20  research projects, including 1 Main Policy Consultancy project from National Social Science Foundation, 2 projects from National Social Science Foundation, 4 projects from National Natural Science Foundation, 2 projects from Humanities and Social Science Foundation by Ministry of Education, 8 research projects from RUC, 2 projects from Beijing Education Committee. In addition, there are 36 other research projects collaborated with enterprises. The research funding amounts to RMB 8.29 million yuan.
In 2011, there were 57 articles published in core journals, 9 in overseas journals like SSCI (1 in Class A, 1 in Class B, 7 in Class C) and 48 in domestic ones(1 in Class A, 17 in Class B, 30 in Class C). Besides, there were 26 publications in other kinds of international journal as well as conference papers. 36 books were published, including 10 monographs, 14 textbooks, 2 anthologies, 5 translations and 5 other publications. Among them, 2 (Reward Management, Zeng Xiangquan, RUC Press and Property Insurance (v4), China Finance Press, Zheng Gongcheng and Xu Feiqiong,) are rated as one of the best higher education textbooks in 2011 by Ministry of Education and 1 (Labor Economics, Zeng Xiangquan) is rated as one of the best textbooks in 2011 at Beijing¡¯s level.
In 2011, SLHR is qualified to launch inter-discipline master program and doctor program for Labor and Employment Relations and both master program and doctor program for human resources management. The first Labor Science Forum for Doctoral Candidates in China was held. The pilot run of ¡°China Employer-Employee Matching Data Tracking Survey¡± was started. The CIER (China Institute for Employment Research) Index was officially publicized. Professor Yanyuan CHENG was awarded as ¡°the Top 10 RUC Teachers¡±. The incubation plan to promote young teachers¡¯ overseas publications has also been launched.
An agreement of undergraduate exchange program was signed with University of Montreal (UM). 12 UM students and 8 SLHR students participated in the summer school program in 2011.
Doctoral candidate Wang Zhen was awarded with Wu Yuzhang Scholarship. Fan Ni won the 1st and 2nd prize in 2011 National English Contest for College Students (NECCS). One of the international student Ruan Shiling (Vietnamese) won the¡± Star of Chinese¡± in the 3rd Chinese Language Contest for International Students. Zhang Ran won the 1st prize in the Class A (Female) of the National College Students' Martial Arts Championships. One of the undergraduate called Zhaxi Dunzhu was enrolled in the army.

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