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How genetic information can help us better understand management behavers

Song Zhaoli

Abstract: Human behavioral traits are heritable. The recent progresses in molecular genetics have provided the opportunity to directly explore the linkage between DNA, the material foundation of heredity, and work-related behaviors. In this chapter, we first introduce some fundamental concepts and methods in molecular genetics. After explain possible mechanisms of how gene and environment jointly influence behavioral outcomes. I will report several of our empirical studies introducing the molecular genetic approach in management. Finally, I will outline a few possibilities that the molecular genetic approach can enrich OB research.

Short bio: Dr. Zhaoli Song is Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Organization, NUS School of Business, National University of Singapore. He gained his PhD in Industrial and Human Resources Management, University of Minnesota. He has research expertise on topics such as behavior genetics, job search and reemployment, leadership, work-family balance, and emotion. He has developed a new survey method by using mobile phones. He is leading the research effort to introduce molecular genetics into management area. He has published in some top management journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Academy of Management Journal, Human Relations, Journal of Vocational Behaviors, and Leadership Quarterly. His work on genetics has been featured in the media such as Economists, Washington Post, and Strait Times. Dr. Song has consulted or provided trainings to companies and government agencies in US, China and Singapore. He is the academic director of the NUS Asian Pacific EMBA (Chinese).




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