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Slacking Off in Comfort: A Dual-Pathway Model for Psychological Safety Climate

Dr Hong Deng

Abstract: Research on psychological safety climate has primarily focused on its salutary effects on group risk-taking behaviors. We developed a group-level dual-pathway model in which psychological safety climate also exerts a simultaneous negative effect on risk-taking behaviors by diminishing group average work motivation. In a field survey, we found that psychological safety climate was positively related to group learning behavior and voice through a reduction in group average fear of failure but negatively related to them through a reduction in group average work motivation. This dual-pathway model and its mechanisms were conceptually replicated in a laboratory experiment with group creativity as a different risk-taking behavior. In this experiment, we examined the moderating effects of group individualism/collectivism and found that psychological safety climate increased the originality and flexibility dimensions of group creativity through a reduction in group average fear of failure only in groups with a collectivistic orientation and reduced the fluency dimension of and time spent on creativity through a reduction in group average work motivation only in individualistic groups.

主讲嘉宾简介:Dr Hong Deng holds an associate professor (reader) position at Durham Business School, Durham University, UK. She received her Ph.D from City University of Hong Kong (2013). Her research interests include self-regulation at work, emotional labor, organizational justice, and creativity. She has published academic articles in journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology (2018), Journal of Management (2016, 2017), Personnel Psychology (2014, 2015, 2016), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (2015), Human Resource Management (2015), and Journal of Vocational Behavior (2013). She is a consulting editor of Journal of Organizational and Occupational Psychology.




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