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时间:918日(星期一)上午 900-1030


嘉宾:龚亚平 香港科技大学商学院教授

题目:Understanding Employee Creativity in Organizations: My Recent Research Journey

摘要:I will share with the audience my recent research journey into antecedents and consequences of employee creativity in organizations. I will present a stream of research with a major focus on two studies. Building on the dual-concern model and P-O fit perspective, the first study investigates whether, how, and when different types of employee experienced HR systems jointly influence employee creativity. It was found that the positive relationship between employee experienced performance-oriented HR systems and domain-relevant skills was augmented by employee experienced maintenance-oriented HR systems. Moreover, employee experienced maintenance-oriented HR systems was more likely to augment the positive relationship in private owned enterprises (POEs) than in state owned enterprises (SOEs). Employee domain-relevant skills mediated the three-way interactive effect of employee experienced performance-oriented HR systems, maintenance-oriented HR systems, and firm ownership (SOEs vs. POEs) on employee creativity. Finally, aggregated employee creativity was more positively related to firm innovation in POEs than in SOEs. The second study goes a step further to examine when employee creativity benefits firm performance. Building on the creation-implementation tension and the attention perspective, the second study examines the moderating roles of riskiness orientation, firm size, and realized absorptive capacity in the relationship between core knowledge employee creativity and firm performance. It offers important practical implications regarding when firms reap more benefit from their employees' creative ideas.

龚亚平老师简介:劳动人事学院1990级人力资源管理专业本科,1994级人力资源管理专业硕士,2000年博士毕业于美国俄亥俄州立大学, 现任香港科技大学商学院教授,主要研究领域是人力资源管理和组织行为学。 龚教授的论文发表在Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Management等顶级管理学期刊上。


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