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由劳动人事学院主办,劳动经济系与中国就业研究所承办的“劳动经济学双周论坛”将于2017年5月31日(星期三)下午13:30 至15:00举办第111期讲座。现将有关事项通知如下:

So Far, So Good: Location Choice of Altruistic Parents

We study a model in which two children strategically allocate their time serving elderly parents in exchange for inter-vivo transfers, and altruistic parents choose their proximity to children. Our model is closely related to Konrad et al. (2002, AER) but with three key differences. First, we consider altruistic parents that care about children’s overall incomes. Second, children compete for parental inter-vivo transfer in a Tullock-contest and both children provide positive services in equilibrium. Third, we focus on the location choice made by the parents and sizes of services decided by children.

Distance is seen to play a central role in determining the children’s caregiving time to parents. A longer distance not only increases the transportation cost between this child and the parents, but also lowers the quality of service provided by the child. In our model, transportation costs do not directly affect children’s caregiving decisions because they are assumed to be paid by parents. However, a higher overall transportation cost will reduce the size of available transfers, which lowers the incentives of children to provide service in equilibrium. We find that parents choose to locate closer to the child who commands a higher market wage. Such decision saves total transportation costs and enlarges the size of available inter-vivo transfers.

We consider both sequential and simultaneous moves by children. We find that parents choose to move closer to the child with lower wage in the sequential move game. Such result may provide important insights on the interplay of birth-spacing, caregiving, and parental residential location choice.

主讲人:罗子俊 助理教授(美国萨姆休斯顿州立大学)
讲座时间:2017 年 5 月 31 日(星期三)下午 13:30 至 15:00
讲座地点:求是楼 442 会议室
主持人:韩军 副教授
罗子俊,美国萨姆休斯顿州立大学助理教授,2012年博士毕业于美国堪萨斯州立大学,曾在China Economic Review、Journal of Industrial Economics、Journal of Population Economics、Defence and Peace Economics等期刊上发表论文。

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