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Honorable audiences, ladies and gentlemen,

Business owners and entrepreneurs,

Honorable professors and scholars,

I feel deeply honored to have been invited in a such vernal day of May 2016 by the school of labor and human resources of outstanding university of People Republic of China ( Renmin Univesity) along with the competent attendances to have interlocution session about upcoming perspective of Iran and china’s relations to pursue to historical trip of Dr. xi jing ping , honorable president of People Republic of China on January 2016 with approaching on corporation strategy about globalization and human resources challenges.

It is worth to render a brief introduction about the bilateral economic and commercial relation between Iran and china during some past years. Commercial relation of both countries has been steadily enhanced and reached to 53 billion dollars annually.

Oil, raw material, mine and petrochemical products were among most imported items by the china from Iran. In contrast industrial finished goods and technical services in the field of construction of subway, refinery, exploration and exploitation of oil and gas are exported to Iran.

Perspective of expansion and enlargement of both countries economic and commercial relation on both countries capital cities are so positive and constructive and Chinese sides companies are so keen to invest in Iran and they are identifying the appropriate field for this activity.

Both countries has signed two substantial memorandum of understanding for realizing the joint build of one road one belt  and 21 century maritime silk road on Excellency xi jing ping trip to Iran which indicate twenty five years close cooperation between two countries particularly in the field of industrialization of the economic development .

To pursue above-mentioned brief introduction, I would like to express about the think tank of both countries relation which are entirely concerned to the topic of the summit.so to do so would like to mention for two important points.

The first point deal with reminding of ultimate aim of both countries relations which can be understood from People Republic of Chinas president trip to Tehran. His Excellency emphasized on think tank communication as a main gate of novel opportunities for both countries relations and rendered a powerful mechanism in the field of a proper way of communication and outcome of both countries relations particularly in upcoming twenty five years. The honorable president of people republic of china emphasized as well as on enhancement of cultural exchanges of both countries, universities and research departments’ cooperation, and Islamic Republic of Iran participation in specialized tourism exhibition which will be take place on June 2016.  Reciprocally Islamic Republic of Iran president welcomed the worthwhile and vital suggestion of his Excellency and stated that those alternatives which can be performed a significant role on human resources policy, has been mutually agreed. Therefor currently this is the turn of the universities and research centers of both sides to realize the worthwhile suggestions of great architecture of china Excellency xi Jing ping.

But the second point which I want to attract the audience attention is an importance of cultural think tank which can assist Chinese companies to be globalized and to consider the challenges of human resources management.

The title of the summit and lecturers topic themselves indicate that scholars gathered to discuss about the globalization of Chinese businesses and draw up the image of globalization on human resources policy. For instance they discuss the international strategy and challenges of infrastructure investment Bank of China, Lenovo, Haier, Sanyo groups which they have been encountered during the globalization and also talk about human resources strategies and management of tendency concerning the internationalization of Chinese businesses.

Above-mentioned list indicate that Chinese companies have met supreme standards and dynamic mechanisms in leading the world companies and effort a lot to update their own managing skills. That is why I think that already advanced economic, cultural and political relations of Iran and china from human resources management policy point of view are so beneficial for both china and Chinese companies.

China in early period of current millennium and exactly prior to join to WTO in 2001 has attempted to internationalize the Chinese companies. Such efforts could make three trillion dollars profit to china in past fifteen years. Internationalization of Chinese businesses policy in such bidirectional way has been effective and constructive. This policy not only has been a cause to universally growth of economic but has created fair atmosphere for international economic. Furthermore, this policy has originated competitive and professional huge businesses as well as increased the rate of intercourse between Chinese and foreign companies then Chinese companies through valuable international experiences could gain much profit.

China for the purpose of mitigating the foreign exchanges aggregation pressure in treasury of central bank of china on national exchange rate obviously has launched a new era of internationalization of businesses relying on human resources standards and challenges.

We are witnesses that china’s foreign investments in the field of integration and purchasing of companies has allocated great position for itself.

This is a question that what is the challenges of upcoming businesses of china from human resources point of view?

This is obviously clear that new wave of producing the information technology goods and the role of internet in all aspects of the life, will be changed the classical and traditional perception of labor and job skills. In this way there are significant challenges to Chinese companies in aspects of Cultural and lingual differences, lack of soft skills such as creative power and innovation, environmental conformity of labor resources, weakness of personnel intercommunication, lack of job experiences and necessary skills and difficulties of assessment of labors competence are the most important samples of above – mentioned challenges both in domestic and worldwide perspective.

Iran with advanced social and educational infrastructure, with educated and tolerant youth and via continuous communication since hundreds years ago with educational and industrial centers of advanced western countries can assist a lot to settle the labor related challenges of Chinese’s businesses toward internationalization. Through enhancement of intercourses, possibilities of defining the businesses plan for performing in Iran, china or third country is more achievable.

With this perspective, I wind up my speech with a suggestion that along with an acquaintance and mutual understanding of each other academic, think tank and businesses as well as organizing the conferences and bilateral specialized summits consist of think tank, scholar and businessman’s in nearest future of Iran and china will be so beneficial. 

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